Inventory Features in Tally Erp 9

By using Inventory Features, we can enable many required options for doing transactions in our business.I will show step-by-step how to enable Inventory features in the following:

To enable the Inventory features:

Go to Gateway of Tally > Press F11  or  select F11:Features (right bottom) and

Inventory Features
                                                                                              Company Features

It opens Company Features page there press F2 or Inventory Features and Enter

It displays the Inventory features page,where we can enable the required options by typing YES.

Inventory Features Page
                                                                                         Inventory Features Page

I will explain the above options here briefly:


  • Integrate Accounts and Inventory : Same as in Accounting Features.Refer now
  • Enable zero-valued transactions : If you want to pass an entry with monetary value 0, then enable it as YES. Eg: Sample Distribution etc.,

Storage and Classification

  • Maintain multiple Godowns: YES (If you want to maintain more than 1 Godown)
  • Maintain Stock Categories: YES (If your products have more than 1 stock category)
  • Maintain Batch-wise details: YES (If you want to maintain the stock item batch-wise. Eg: SE/258/95)
  • Set expiry date for batches: Yes (If you want to maintain the Expiry date of products) useful in Perishable goods,Medicines etc.,

Order Processing

  • Enable purchase order processing: YES, if we want to maintain Purchase order which will be available at Inventory Vouchers.
  • Enable sales order processing: YES, if we want to maintain sales order.


  • Enable invoicing: YES, to create Sales & Purchase vouchers in the Invoice format
  • Record Purchases in Invoice mode: YES, to record purchase voucher in Invoice mode
  • Use Debit & Credit notes: YES, to use Debit note & Credit note vouchers
  • Use separate Discount column in Invoices: YES, to display separate discount column  in invoices.

Sales Management

  • Use multiple price levels: Yes, to use different price levels in Sales

Other features

  • Use tracking numbers: YES, to maintain relationship between Delivery notes and Invoices.
  • Use Rejection inward and outward notes: YES, to record Rejection of Goods separately
  • Use material in and out vouchers: YES, to record transfer of item towards party or transfer material from one Godown to another.
  • Use cost tracking for stock item: YES, to create credit notes in Invoice mode.

CTRL+A= To Save.

For Accounting Features, Click here.

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