How to Add YouTube Subscribe Button to Your Website 2019

How to Add YouTube Subscribe Button to Your Website 2019

This is good news for all Digital Marketers and owners of website, because no matter which website you are using (WordPress, blogger, Wix etc.,) you can add this small YouTube widget to your website. If you use YouTube as a marketing channel you need to link it to your site so that visitors can find your videos easily and increase traffic to your YouTube channel.

Any time a new visitor came to your website then there is a chance to add as a new subscriber to your YouTube Channel. This Button acts as a bridge between your website and YouTube Channel.It is available for all channels new or old etc.,

Adding YouTube Subscribe Button to your WordPress

By using this process you make your visitors to visit your YouTube channel. We can activate this a few easy steps.

Examples of YouTube Subscribe Button

Process of Adding that Button Manually

To Add button you need to visit YouTube subscribe button page on Google Developer’s website.

YouTube subscribe button 2019

On that website you need to enter your Channel Name or ID, select a theme layout, theme, and subscriber count option. Below it shows the preview of the button.Once you are ok with that button scroll down to below to copy the embed code and paste it in your website (Appearance>widgets). On pasting in your widgets you can drag and drop your widget where ever you want or else if you want to show your button in between content then copy that embed code and paste in your place in shortcode as HTML as do save.

YouTube subscribe Button
Embed code

The final output will be like this if we done this properly.

YouTube Subscribe Button

If you want to see the whole in simple video see below

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